Amazing toys from Disney’s Descendants you need to buy.
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If you love Descendants 2 as much as we do, then youll know that there are a whole range of things related to this film that you can get. However, if you want to get something for someone you know whos also a fan of the 2017 Disney movie, then you might be worried about what to get them. But were here to help, and thats why, today, were going to show you 10 Disney “Descendants 2” Dolls and Toys Every Fan Needs.

Do you love the songs in Descendants 2. We do, and we love to sing along to such classics as Ways to Be Wicked and Chillin Like a Villain. So thats why we love the idea of a special Descendants 2 microphone, complete with a picture of Mal and the Long Live Evil slogan from the movie.

What do you think about playing dress-up? Its all good fun, right? Well, theres the chance to dress up as either Mal or Ursula with some cool costumes. We love them, but theres a word of warning – theyre for kids, not adults!

One of our favorite bits in Descendants 2 was when Ben had to shed his squeaky clean image and grunge himself up to fit in on the Isle of the Lost. If you liked that bit, theres a really cool doll of Ben here, too.

Well also show you stickers, bags, and more from the world of Descendants 2 merchandise and memorabilia. Stay tuned to the end, when well show you an Evie doll with a difference. Thanks for watching, and dont forget to subscribe!

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