10 EPIC Kids Toys From McDonalds You Forgot About
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McDonald’s toys have brought joy to children all over the world for years. But what is it about these toys that excite children so much? Well, McDonald’s does a good job of picking out the biggest trends for kids at the time and selecting that trend as a toy. In this video, you’ll see toy trends from the ‘80s, ‘90s, early 2000s, and today! Today, we are showing you “10 Best Toys Even Given in McDonald’s Happy Meals.”

The Furby, sometimes called the “McFurby,” is one of the most beloved McDonald’s toys. The popularity of this McDonald’s toy most likely stemmed from the popularity of the original Furby doll. The original Furby was released in 1998. The 12 months following its release, a total of 27 million Furbies were sold. That’s a lot of furbies! Furbies are known for looking a little odd and creepy, although, many
people think they’re adorable! In this video, you’ll see just how creepy Furbies are!

“Toy Story” is a Disney-Pixar phenomenon well known to millennials, but when “Toy Story 3” was released in 2010, the younger generations got to learn about the exciting adventures of Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Following the 1999 release of “Toy Story 2,” McDonald’s released their collection of “Toy Story” toys. “Toy Story” is a beloved Disney-Pixar movie so it was no surprise that these McDonald’s toys were popular too!

Some of the other best McDonald’s toys ever given are Tamagotchis, Beanie Babies, and Disney Princesses. If you grew up with these toys, you’ll love this video. If some of these are new to you, keep watching because you’re about to see some pretty unreal toys!

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