This is math riddles, puzzle and IQ Test. We have presented 10 math riddles, puzzles and IQ Test. This is very useful for both kid and adult. So this is 10 math riddles for kids and 10 math riddles for adults. In other hand this is perfect good riddles for kids and adults.

This video in our series is one of the pure math questions. The questions are in the same format like the previous one. It is specific about math and boosts up your mathematical understanding.

You can take these riddles to rate your math score out of ten. Watch one of the best collection of math riddles and prove you have high IQ. If you score less, don’t worry, you can ask your friends and show your ability in handing mathematical questions before them.

Mathematics is one of the oldest subjects. It was famous even in Greek times as it is today. Most of the countries have specialized math subjects and IQ tests mostly based on math to recruit different levels of personnel.

If you go to army, enter private companies, like to be an engineer, doctor, or even like to be a driver, you have certain level of mathematical understanding. Thus math has become the part and parcel of our life. The math riddles present here encourages you to solve many types of questions related to math. You would always be ready to crack out math questions of any difficulty level.

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