100+ Toy Surprises Unboxing with Slime, Hairdorables, Barbie Coloration Reveal and Extra!

FTC: This video has free product. All opinions are my very own. Here’s a clear image of what’s free and what’s self bought. Though I usually don’t like mixing free and self bought. The scale of this video required this.

1. Glitzy Compound Kings Slime. Self bought.
2. 5 Shock Mini Manufacturers. Free product.
3. Spongebob Mashems. Self bought.
4. Hairdorables. Free product.
5. tokidoki. Self bought.
6. 5 shock toy mini model. Free product
8. Bushy Slime. Free product.
9. Doorables. Self bought.
10. LEGO collection 21. Self bought.
11. tokidoki. Self bought.
12. Barbie colour reveal. Self bought.
13. Hairdudables. Self bought.
14. 5 shock. Free product.
15. Gudetama. Self bought.
16. Andy Warhol Kidrobot. Self bought.
17. Doorables. Self bought.
18. Shopkins Actual Littles. Free product.
19. LEGO baggage.Self bought.
20. Hairdorables shortcuts. Self bought.
21. Trolls Doll. Self bought.
22. Good day Kitty Keychain. Self bought.
23. Mericorno. Self bought.
24. kidrobot carebear. Self bought.
25. GIF. Free product.
26. mini manufacturers meals. Free product.