With technology moving as fast as it is, it’s only unfair to leave the kids out of it. Futuristic toys fit for even a grown-up to play with are here to make our lives more fun! You can zoom around in a mini sports car or spy on the neighbor’s cute dog while at home! Geeky kids will love some of these high-tech robots to play with and program and some of them are downright cute! There something for everyone, so let’s take a look at the 12 coolest toys that are on another level!

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12. Nine Bot Go Cart Extension –
11. Tilt Five Augmented Reality Gameboard –
10. Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplanes –
9. Iron Man –
8. Trainerbot –
7. Vurtego –
6. Smart Nano Drone –
5. SpiderPi –
4. HHD H6 –
3. Ganker –
2. Silverlit Robot Chameleon –
1. Bellabot –

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