Improve your detective skills with a set of 12 crime riddles and mystery puzzles! These detective riddles are only for those cold-minded ones, so try to stay cool to find the right answers faster! Pay attention to small details and finding the right answers to these tricky riddles and quizzes won’t become a problem for you!

00:14 – Are you a match for this super hard crime riddle (I’m not but I don’t care?)? Only a genius will find the answer to this riddle so you will have to do your very best. All my friends failed to crack this detective riddle, but I hope you’ll be more successful!
01:59 – A crime riddle for all the cold minds out there! Detective, try to find all the pieces of evidence and prove that the girl was killed!
03:49 – A difficult crime riddle that will require all your logic and creative thinking to crack it! Are you ready to sweat hard and rack your brain all day long? Then, Detective, put your hat on and come with me? This is a crime riddle with answer to test your skills!
05:14 – A set of fun warming-up puzzles to prepare your brain for more serious tasks! If your brain needs a good kick-start in the morning just like mine, this is a perfect workout to make it work!
06:40 – Hey, Detective, put your gloves on, we need your assistance to crack this hard case! Use your brilliant logic and analytical skills to collect the evidence and figure out what actually happened there. This is a detective riddle for pro only!
08:16 – Hey, detective, there is a new case for you! This crime riddle is only for those who have a well-trained brain and logic! Stay attentive and find out who is a kidnapper!
09:54 – A creepy blood-freezing riddle for the real detectives! Use all your logic and attentiveness and try to find out who is really guilty!
11:45 – A thrilling crime riddle you will have to crack yourself. It’s a hard workout for your brain, so be careful, don’t let it blow your mind away!

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