Toys cost a lot, and children grow fast. As a result, we have a lot of old useless toys at home and we keep buying more. It’s high time to stop it and turn to crafting and creativity. There are so many awesome DIY toys that you can make yourself out of those things you already have at home.

You can make a lot of cool crafts using balloons. Ballons are not only good for decor purposes. Practice a bit and learn how to make adorable DIY toys using balloons! There are simple tutorials for beginners and more difficult ones for pros!

If you have a lot of old plush toys, we know what to do with them. Check out what we prepared for you and repeat. You can make a lovely backpack and a pair of cute headphones.

Watch this video up to the end and learn how to make awesome DIY toys that everyone will like. You can make toys even out of socks! Check out those lovely bunnies that we’ve prepared for you. They are so adorable! If you fill them with something heavy (like rice, sand or buckwheat) they can serve as doorstoppers.


00:14 – Balloon toys
04:15 – Upcycling old toys
05:37 – Foam crafts
08:17 – Paper crafts

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