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Memory games/brain training games can improve your kids memory or concentration? It is a matter of exercising your brain. This is the “photographic memory” memory games and puzzles for kids or students (also adults/seniors/elderly) that using the right brain education/training method (Shichida Method and Heguru). In this video, there are many types of brain exercises games/memory games like:

– Memory matching game.
– IQ game
– Funny Puzzle
– Brain training exercise.
– Logic puzzles.
– Shapes.
– Matching pairs.
– Remembering numbers.
– Remembering objects.
– Brain teasers.
– Picture puzzles (visual memory techniques/test)
– Spot the difference

All the FUN and educational brain training memory puzzles and memory matching games for kids/toddlers in this video comes with a 15 seconds countdown. Once the time is up you will get the puzzle with answers.
Try your best to get all the memory test correct. It is all about practicing if you want to improve your kid’s concentration.

The Right Brain Memory channel is different than those flash cards video, it is made for kids who want to practice and improve their memory. it will help them in their whole brain development.

Also for those parents that teach their child Shichida at home, these memory games brain training puzzles are part of their curriculum.
So other than Shichida flashcards, peg memory system, linking story, speed reading, and Mandala, these puzzles are important.

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We are 1st and World’s Largest right brain education resource for babies, toddlers from the age of 4 months old to 7 years old.
This channel is focused on brain puzzles that are specially made following proven brain memory methods.

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