I can assure you that most of the adults will fail these puzzles and riddles! Logic exercises are great to stimulate your brain activity and boost your thinking processes. Try out these riddles and brain teasers that can be easily solved by kids but will be a hard task for adults. So, it’s a good chance to see if you can crack these puzzles fast.

00:14 – A surprising trivia quiz about how our body functions for ingenious and inquiring minds only! After watching this quiz with answers you can impress your friends with the facts they never knew before?
01:20 – This hard visual puzzle will wow you brain and make you sweat hard. Only a very attentive person will be able to spot all the mistakes, so if you do this, you can be proud of your skills!
02:45 – If you call yourself an experienced solver, then challenge your brain with this “simple” kids’ riddle all adults fail to solve? It’s one of the cases where your experience can only confuse you and make you overthink the question. But if you manage to look at the situation with a kid’s eyes, you will see that the solution is actually very simple. Will you become the first adult to crack this super difficult riddle for kids?
03:36 – This tricky crime riddle will challenge your ability to think logically and quickly because time is short and the riddle is really tough! But don’t be afraid and turn on your brain, I believe you can cope with it! If you feel like running short of time, just pause the video and take your time, I won’t tell anyone?
05:14 – An exciting personality test that will show what weapon you could master if you lived in ancient times. It’s a test based on associations, so you don’t need to overthink the answers, just let you subconscious part pick. When you get the answer, think about what features your weapon has: they are either the features you already have or the ones you need to achieve to succeed in life!
08:07 – A set of tricky riddles that will sharpen your brain as nothing else before! Though they look like mathematical formulae, it’s actually has nothing to do with math. It’s a perfect logical brain teaser to gently wake you up and warm up your brain before work or school. Be attentive and don’t overthink the answers: you won’t believe how obvious they are! And it’s true what they say: everything genial is simple!
09:32 – A fun story with a riddle only quick-thinkers with a great sense of humor can solve! Just use your imagination: what would you answer if you were in his place? I think the answer will come to you at once!
10:40 – Challenge your brain with this tricky puzzle on general knowledge! Let’s check how good you were in school? A person with the average IQ level can easily crack this one!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many answers you got right!

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