Next 2019 McDonald’s 40 Years Furby Happy Meal toys full set of 8 Hasbro kids meal toys 1999 world collection Asia Europe USA unboxing review. #mcdonalds #furby #40years #happymeal #hasbro Fast Food Toys reviews the new next McDonald’s 40 years of Happy Meal 40th Anniversary Happy Meal toys, the McDonalds Furby toys from the Hasbro 1998 – 1999 McDonald’s Furby Happy Meal toys collection. There are 8 McDonald’s Hasbro Furby toys in the 1999 complete set of Hasbro Furby McDonald’s Happy Meal toys collection. Furby is by Tiger Electronics and Hasbro. There are 17 toys in the McDonalds 40 Years Happy Meal toys complete set of McDonald’s USA. The current toys are the Hello Kitty Halloween 45th anniversary toys & Pokemon toys. There are 8 Hello Kitty Halloween costumes Happy Meal toys and 8 Poke balls and 12 Pokemon trading cards to collect with the 2019 version which is the next toy after the McDonald’s Barbie & Hot Wheels Happy Meal toys for boys and girls. As to Burger King US, the new toys are the 30 Burger King Emoji toys after the My Little Pony and Burger King Transformers toys! Hopefully they will also have the Burger King DC Comics Batman toys after the emojis toys! The Happy Meal is 40 years old and we’ll celebrate the 40th year anniversary birthday! The release date for the next Happy Meal toys (40 years toys) is Nov.7, 2019 and ends on Nov.11! Upcoming in November and December will be the Thanksgiving 2019 McDonald’s Disney Frozen 2 Happy Meal toys and Christmas Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Happy meal toys. In January, we will supposedly have the 2020 McDonald’s The Simpsons Happy Meal toys and the McDonald’s RBUK Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty Happy Meal toys.

Here is the full list of all the 40 year Happy Meal toys 2019:
101 Dalmatians – U.S. Exclusive – Disney
Cowboy McNugget – McDonald’s
Dino Happy Meal Box Changeable – McDonald’s
Fireman McNugget – McDonald’s
Furby – Hasbro
Grimace – McDonald’s
Hamburger Changeable – McDonald’s
Hamburglar – McDonald’s
Hello Kitty – Sanrio
Mail Carrier McNugget – McDonald’s
McDonald’s Hot Wheels Thunderbird – Mattel
My Little Pony – Hasbro
Patti the Platypus – Ty Beanie Baby
Power Rangers – Hasbro
Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey – U.S. Exclusive – Disney
Space Jam Bugs Bunny – Warner Bros.
Tamagotchi – Bandai

Here’s the complete list of 8 McDonald’s Furby Happy Meal toys as reviewed in our unboxing video: Furbies toy #1 Rusty #2 Church Mouse #3 Black Cat #4 Happy Furby #5 Contented Furby #6 Snow Leopard #7 Surprised Furby #8 Tough Guy Furby. These Furby McDonald’s toys are super fun to play with and so adorable, cute and cuddly with their moving ears, eyes, noses, mouths, beaks and feet!

Which is your favorite McDonald’s Furby Happy Meal toy out of those 8 Furbies?

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