Check out the world’s top creepiest dolls ever made in history! These strange, freaky, and haunted dolls are some of the scariest toys that will horrify you.

Don’t watch this one alone at night.. Today we look at 21 of the creepiest dolls ever made. Good luck sleeping after you see our number 1 doll. You’ve been warned.

Something about taking away body parts is inherently creepy.. Think about scary characters from movies they often take away the eyes, mouth or nose.. With black souless eyes this ones a classic creeper.

Apparently this doll washed up on the beach. Imagine swimming in a lake with dark murky water and then your leg touches this.. thing

This ones weird just because it looks like it has real human teeth.

Artist Olivier Pauwels created this spooky bionic doll in a wheelchair

Apparently this was a real doll from the 1800’s that was designed to crawl..Just imagine sitting in the living room and having this thing appear out of nowhere crawling across your floor

Little miss no name was a doll produced by Hasbro in 1965. Because of lack of popularity the doll was only produced for one year. Instead of the usual blonde haired blue eyed model look they went for a doll that had nothing and wore a burlap sack. She has her hand outstretched as if she’s panhandling. Although kind of cute she’s also kinda creepy.

This one reminds me of Donnie Darko. This is Rory by Malaysian doll marker Yeo Mei Ying.

Another bunny I think these are scary because they’re taking something that we normally associate with cuteness and childhood and flipping it on it’s head. Another one from the same collection

This is some kind of sex doll. But it gets creepy as hell once you remove the face. And the mouth too. Would *you* ever have sex with a sex doll?

This is premature baby doll. It doesn’t look that creepy but it’s more the idea of it. Like why would you want a preemie doll?

mother isn’t quite herself today! these are dolls base on the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho.

These are Baby laugh a lot dolls. They don’t looks so scary until you hear them laugh..

as if having two heads wasn’t scary enough one of them is a demon with fangs and red eyes.

When two heads is not enough here’s a doll with 3 faces.. Three faces no that’s not creepy at all.

Glad you could come visit for the weekend.. let me show you to your room.. sweet dreams

Good morning daddy! If these are your kids you better sleep with the light on. This reminds me of those bronze statues of kids which are suppose be cute but instead creepy as hell like this one.

This one has all the signs of a creepy doll.. Old, check. Dirty, check, burlap sack check. sharp real looking teeth check

This is a doll from the The Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery. Kids not eating their vegetables? Just put on of these dolls in their rooms.. Lots of cools dolls on that site check em out truly works of art..

This is one of Susan’s custom creepy dolls. This one is titled feed me doll. I’d say she succeeded. Apparently Susan is a former mortician and taxidermist and likes to create nightmares

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This dolls just looks like pure evil. Sweet dreams

Which doll was the creepiest to you?