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22 Inches Reborn Newborn Babies Soft Vinyl Dolls Kids Toy with Magnet Pacifier

1. 22 inches (55CM) handmade reborn doll, high quality soft vinyl Head and 3/4 limbs, feel very good.Can’t be bathed. Because the body is a soft material that would ruin in water. But you can towel wash face, hands, and legs with light water and light soap. You can wear the baby new clothes you like.

2.Padding:body filler with PP cotton top half and small beads bottom half,the limbs are filled with soft material of high quality clean and environmentally friendly.

3.It’s just a cute doll. Head moves side to side and turns but doesn’t move up and down, arms and legs can be moved up and down but not straightened or bent, and Arms and legs also turn at the body but the elbows and knees do not move. Please just treat her as you would a real baby. Don’t throw her and never slap her on a table. They are dolls but they are valuable. Enjoy your doll.

4.The baby doll does not cry or suck on a bottle or pacifier, but you can hold the bottle or pacifier to its mouth, even it does not stick into the mouth. There is no opening for a bottle but you can hold it like she’s drinking.

5.What’s in the box: 22 Inch baby doll with clothes x 1.

6.Delivery Time: 8-12 working days after sending out in normal condition.

Note: This doll is not including the accessories, but if you are lucky, maybe you will get a little gift in the