Here is a fun mix of quiz questions, short riddles, and picture puzzles for kids and adults! There are all kinds of tricky brain teasers in this set so everyone will find something interesting to solve 😉 If you want to exercise your brain and sharpen your logic then start solving these brain-boosting riddles!

00:14 – A cool set of picture puzzles to test how well you can read people and spot even the smallest details! It’s a hard level one so you will have to strain your eyes a lot!
01:41 – These tricky riddles will make you scratch your brain, which is good because your brain is going to get a nice workout! The quiz questions are actually easy, but most of us are not capable to crack these easy riddles due to our habits of over thinking everything around. Just relax your mind and let the answer fly right into your brain ?
03:51 – Think twice before watching this video! Are you sure you wanna know it? Ok, at least I tried. When our partners want to keep something in secret, they take every possible precautionary measure, but the truth will out, sooner or later? And your brilliant logic and sharp mind will only speed the things up! I just want to remind you that trust is the core thing of any relationship, but you already know this, right? An intriguing set of puzzles with answers to test your attentiveness and sense of humor ?
05:27 – Tricky riddle was taken from real life! Is he cheating or not? Well, he is! But how did she figure it out? Would you get tricked if you were in her shoes? I’m sure you wouldn’t and that’s why you’ll crack this picture puzzle and fun riddle without any effort!
06:37 – A tricky riddle to boost your brain and improve your logic. Only people with a high IQ level can solve it on time! Are you one of them? Let’s see if you can give the right answer!
07:44 – These people are cheating! Can you find where their lovers are hiding? Or maybe find any pieces of evidence to prove that they spend time together? ?
09:25 – A set of visual puzzles that will test your attentiveness to the details and logical thinking!
10:55 – This cool fun puzzle will tease your brain! Try to find the right answer before time is up!
12:27 – Is there a lover? A portion of visual puzzles that will test your attentiveness to the smallest details!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle made you do some hard thinking 😉

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