5 Awesome Robotic Gadgets 2018, You Will Intend To Buy || Best Robotic Kits #26

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1. ROBOPAL: Build STEM Skills. Build Robots. Have Fun
A hands-on learning robot and maker system that expands your child’s interest in coding, programming and creating in a fun way.

Kickstater link – https://goo.gl/RavAF7

2. T-BOTS | Balancing Robots
T-BOTS are balancing robots. Build, program and play! A STEAM product that is genuinely fun!

Kickstarter link – https://goo.gl/JnT45j

3. The Crafty Robot

Kickstarter link – https://goo.gl/mHioTK

4. Goliath CNC – An Autonomous Robotic Machine Tool for Makers
A portable robot that mills, cuts, and engraves to turn BIG ideas into tangible items with any materials and various CAD file formats.

kick- https://goo.gl/qFTd27

5. Soft, Pneumatically Powered Robotic Hand
Innovative college students looking to redefine current robotic technologies by creating a soft, pneumatically powered robotic hand.

Kickstarter link – https://goo.gl/cxFLPL