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5 Wonderful Humanoid Robot You Can Buy in Amazon [2020]

5 Wonderful Humanoid Robot You Can Buy in Amazon [2020]

Lovot : The Groove X Lovot companion robot isn’t useful — it’ll actually get in your way. Most robots promise to make your life easier, but Lovot is the opposite. The fuzzy little robot scoots around, following its owner through advanced AI capabilities and sensors. It can recognize up to 1,000 people, and when it spots someone it likes, it flaps its arms up, begging to be hugged. It’s specifically built to form emotional attachments, its only purpose to be loved.

UBTECH : Walker is an intelligent humanoid service robot from UBTECH Robotics. UBETCH’s mission is to introduce intelligent robots into every household to make every day life smarter and more convenient. Walker marks a pivotal step towards this mission. Adding in new features to Walker’s previous build, Walker boats 36 high-performance actuators and a full range of sensors including force, vision, audio, and spatial perception. These allow for quick mobile and flexible manipulation, and the ability to become an indispensable member of your household or business.

CHIP : CHiP is world most advanced robot dog. CHiP is trainable, loyal & affectionate. He can recognize, obey, learn and wants to be your new best friend.

CHiP simulates interactions with a real dog: feels hungry, needs attention, loves to play, and goes to sleep.

Smartband technology enables CHiP to uniquely recognize you, follow you, wait for you to come home, and remind you for mealtime or playtime.

Artificial intelligence and an adaptive personality to follow commands, fetch a ball, avoid obstacles, and learn new tricks. CHiP is equipped with an advanced locomotion system that allows for high speed, omnidirectional motion and extreme agility.

Temi : Temi is the world’s first personal robotics platform. What does this mean? Let’s see what temi is like in each space:

Home: temi is an AI Assistant with Amazon’s Alexa, a Smart Home Hub, and the future of video-calling with state-of-the-art telepresence.

Office: temi is the office assistant from the future. With Amazon’s Alexa, temi can be your office’s robot assistant with the added bonus of state-of-the-art telepresence.

Retail: In the retail environment, temi is a in-store greeter, a store guide, and an experiential point-of-sale.

Hospitality: In the hospitality space, temi is a hotel concierge allowing guests to easily check into hotels faster than ever before.

Tapia : Tapia keeps you company and helps you stay in contact with friends and relatives. She can help you organize your schedule, inform you about news and weather, and provide you with hands free access to your media and IoT devices. Tapia is your assistant and your friend. Tapia isn’t just a machine you have to learn how to use—Tapia learns about you.

As the number of single person households increases, robotic companions like Tapia will become increasingly important, especially in aging societies. Robots like Tapia are the first such devices in what will soon become a facet of our daily lives.

Tapia’s abilities are always evolving


Tapia learns to recognize her users and can distinguish you by seeing your face or hearing your voice.


Tapia can perform many daily life functions such making phone calls, getting news and weather forecasts, making schedules, etc.


Tapia can organize and play music, as well as take and display photos and video.