These are my must have toys for the 9-12 month age range. These are all of Ava’s favorite toys that she plays with the most, which is why they are in this best toys list. I would definitely recommend all of these toys and I hope this was helpful in deciding what to buy for this age group.

*Baby Starters Plush Doll:
*Playtex Baby Book:
*Itty Bitts Soft Play Book:
*Fisher-Price First Blocks Tub:
*Fisher-Price Ring Stacker:
*Play Keys:
*Vtec Train:
*Monkey Noodles:
*Monkey Finger Puppets: Could not find link (Sold at Walmart in baby section)
*Nookum Pacifer:
* Banana Teether:
*Wooden Puzzle: I could not find the link (purchased at Target as a gift)
*Vtec Musicle Book:
* Vtec Play Phone:
*Minnie Car:
*Fisher-Price Walker:
*First Words Book:

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