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HEY EVERYBODY!! I had an awesome idea!! Let’s build our very own water park in our backyard!! I wanted to have the best day ever with water and with my baby brother niko! We got all of our water hoses and filled our back yard with new water games and pool toys!! I got niko his very own pool and filled it up, we turned on the splash pad, and we put a water slide on the trampoline!! After we played for a while I had to get a snack break then mom wanted to play follow the leader!! After we were done playing in the water we had to lay outside to get dry!! I love playing with my family in our cool backyard!!

my last video – Adley learns how to Tie-Dye!! Surprise mom and dad with new clothes

my dad’s last video – Mystery Bug Catching in the Backyard!! FAMILY POOL PARTY with new toys!

Bye vlog