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Hello to all and welcome to my ‘Alternatives to Electronics’ video. So in this video , I am sharing with you guys some tools and activities you can to with your child out in public to have them entertained versus on an electronic. I am not saying I am against electronics, but I myself, and I’m pretty sure others are trying to get their children off of electronics, and maybe they don’t know how to do so. I will share some of my tips with you. If you like this type of video, please thumbs it up and let me know because there are so many other things that can go in this bag that weren’t chow and maybe we can make bags monthly and change the bag together? Let me know. Thanks for watching and I will see you soon with another video.

Products Mentioned(couldn’t find exact links, but I linked exact products)

Grab n Go Play Packs:

Semi Moist Watercolor Paint:

Colored construction Paper:

Small Books:

Safety Scissors:

Play dough Tool Set :
Found it on Amazon. I will link it but I got mines for $8.99 at ross and online its $17 -.- go to Ross