Do your kids like Puzzles? This great puzzle offers fantastic animal worlds, lovely illustrations, amazing effects and sounds… and it’s waiting to be discovered now!

Animal Zoo Puzzles is a fun, interactive, engaging and educational puzzle guaranteed to entertain and educate your children!

This puzzle application is carefully designed for young ages. As children play they learn different animal names, how to spell, and the unique sounds each animal makes. The game is filled with exciting, playful activities throughout all stages making it great fun to interact with the adorable animals. When the players finish a puzzle, they will be rewarded with a variety of “celebrations”.

This fun matching game helps improve visual perception & develop fine motor skills by dragging and dropping puzzle pieces to match their silhouettes.

It’s like the jungle in here! With all the animals free from the zoo and farm, they’re ready to help you out! Careful, lions and giraffes aren’t pets but they’ll help you because they’re awesome animals anyway! The pet days and the farm are far off now, the zoo cages are empty and all the animals are running wild!

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