Slime Sam and his friend Sue bring cuteness to a new level as they unbox 5 sweet Baby Born Surprise dolls.

Each little baby toy is wrapped into an adorable blanket tied with a ribbon. Inside, there’s a little bath-like container that holds the most precious contents. Besides the instructions and the baby’s passport, you’ll find a surprise bottle (the color of the bottle will tell you the gender of the baby) and the baby itself wrapped in the cutest themed swaddle.

The baby is fast asleep and you need to wipe the baby’s eyes with a wet cloth to wake the baby up. Then you’ll need to unswaddle the baby and give it a drink. Once the diaper becomes wet, a pattern will show and it’ll tell you which food the baby likes. Strawberries? Watermelons? Carrots?

Each doll comes with a unique hairstyle. And the combination of the eye color and the hair color will help you find the baby’s name.

What a fun and sweet unboxing! Do you agree?

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