Baby Secrets dolls are so adorable! That’s why slime Sam and his human friend Sue continue the unboxing! Did you watch part 1?

This time, they want to open all the remaining bathtubs and two more activity packs. Each Baby Secrets Activity Pack contains two exclusive babies, a toy (for example, a tea cup ride or a swing), and a secret baby. You can see the exclusive babies right away (unlike those surprise babies that hide in a bath tub), but you still won’t know their secret until you take them out.

What is the secret of Baby Secrets dolls? You won’t know if it’s a boy or a girl until you put them into water. Then watch their diaper change color. If it becomes pink, it’s a girl, if it becomes blue, it’s a boy! They are fun to open and fun to play with! Each doll has a unique personality and a costume – a cute strawberry, a baby shark, a tennis player, a cry baby and so many more! And each doll comes with a birth certificate, where you can write the name of the doll, the names of the parents, the gender, and the date of birth.

Sam and Sue want to collect all the dolls, both boys and girls, in special, ultra special and extra special editions!

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