Hey guys, it’s LeMar DeVente! There has been some major news regarding Bakugan Battle Planet, and surprisingly enough it’s from Spin Master themselves! This information comes in the form of bakugan.com being updated and an official press release which announces their plans for the toys, anime and release dates around the world. Check out their statement here!: https://www.spinmaster.com/news-releases-view.php?id=122771

If you don’t know what Bakugan Battle Planet will be about then here’s an official synopsis about it:
“The animated series follows the adventures of Dan and his best friends, the first kids on Earth to bond with the mysterious alien creatures known as the Bakugan.  With storylines themed around friendship, battling and competition combined with a new integrated toy line, “BAKUGAN Battle Planet” is anticipated to be one of the biggest and most dynamic franchises yet.”

The show will air Bakugan Battle Planet episode 1 on Cartoon Network in the United States and on Teletoon in Canada!

For more information and my opinion, watch the full video 😀

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