Barbie and her sisters share a full day with us in this morning and night routine. This a compilation of two of my favorite stories i created! I combined them to make a full day in the life with the barbie family. The girls get up early in their bedroom with cute bunk beds! Barbie makes breakfast , The girls get dressed and go to school! Barbie drives Skipper in her red convertible car. After school they are doing their homework and play a board game as a family! Barbie cooks her sisters a delicious and nutrious dinner. The girls get ready for bed but not before a bedtime story!

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Barbie House Cleaning Morning Routine – Grocery Store Supermarket Toy Shopping

Barbie Bathroom Evening Routine – Playing with Doll House Bath, Bedroom, Kitchen

Barbie and Ken Outdoors Routine with Real Waterfall and Campfire – Stories with Dolls

Barbie Bunk Beds Pink Bedroom Morning Routine

Barbie is one of kids favorite doll around the world. Children can make up stories and role play with Barbie dolls and play sets. Barbie is a household name but it also pronounced and sounds different in other countries, Here are some examples,
poupée Barbie
Salle de bain barbie
Arabic –
باربي , دمية باربي, غرفة باربي
HIndi –

बार्बी गुड़िया

बार्बी कमरा
Russian –
Барби , Кукла Барби,
Комната барби