Best 5 Animal Robots for Kids /Robot toys 2017,You will intend to buy #5- butterfly,Dragonfly,robotic snake,

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Do you have any idea about smart home robots? Here are the best 5 animal robots for kids that you can buy right now. the futuristic
modern robots are available in the market now. They are very intelligent robots. These all are so expert and very helpful
to be part of your daily life. They can do lots of works even think like a human being and help you in your every task of
your dailies life, you can not imagine. In a word, They are superb, Incredible. Here are the details and the links for the
robots are given below.

1. eMotionButterflies –

Ultralight flying objects with collective behaviour

Flying is a recurring theme in the Bionic Learning Network. The developers channelled their knowledge gained from the
projects on the BionicOpter and the eMotionSpheres into the bionic butterflies. They combine the ultralight construction
of artificial insects with coordinated flying behaviour in a collective. –

2. BionicANTs –

Cooperative behaviour based on natural model
For the BionicANTs, Festo has not only taken the delicate anatomy of the natural ant as a role model. For the first time,
the cooperative behaviour of the creatures is also transferred to the world of technology using complex control algorithms.

3. BionicKangaroo –

Energy-efficient jump kinematics based on a natural model
With the BionicKangaroo, Festo has technologically reproduced the unique way a kangaroo moves. Like its natural model,
it can recover the energy when jumping, store it and efficiently use it for the next jump.

4. Robotic Snake –

5. The robot Dragonfly –

Robotics and Intelligent Computing is growing smaller by the day. That is the reason your smartphone fits in your hand
and does more than a TV, a computer, a book, a pen, a phone… all put together. We at TechJect are revolutionizing Micro
Robotics, so you can design, build and even commercialize your dreams. From micro-computers, to smart avionics to sensors
& cameras, we specialize in Micro. Even the Robot Dragonfly uses all of our micro-electronics to pack more than the power
of a smartphone and full-fledged avionics suite into the world’s smallest form factor.


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