Best Dirt Bikes For Kids – Fastest And Best Dirt Bikes In 2019

1. Burromax Electric Dirt Bike

2. Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Bike

3. Monster Dirt Bike

4. Razor MX650 Electric Dirt Bike

Our list of Best Dirt Bikes for Kids mostly considers cost, mechanical simplicity, and ease of maintenance for beginning riders. There’s a bike on here to suit your kid.

Unlike some list features, we produce, picking the Best Dirt Bikes for Kids is really a no-brainer as long as we start with a specific understanding about which kids we are talking about.

In this case, our Best Dirt Bikes for Kids list focuses on young beginner riders in the 7-to-11 age range.

With that in mind, you really only need to look at the current smallest-displacement offerings of the various OEMs.

Turns out, with one noteworthy exception, all of our Best Dirt Bikes for Kids choices are relatively inexpensive, and technologically simple, featuring air-cooled engines, non-adjustable suspension and drum brakes.

The good news for Mom and Dad is that they’re also easy to maintain, so you don’t need a mechanical engineering degree to keep Junior or Missy happily motoring down the trail.

So take a look at our Best Dirt Bikes for Kids list. It’s still not too late to slide one under the tree or into your garage.

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