Best Dolls Stories Episode 1 – Top Toy Tastic Dolls Videos Princess Dress Up + Picnic! Surprise everyone! Elsa Anna and the Disney Princesses are getting ready to go to the ball and need each others advice when it comes to ball gowns dresses shoes accessories and hairstyles! They have so much fun choosing what to wear that they are nearly late to go! Video featuring Elsa’s wardrobe closet with clothes bedroom and bed! The next day the Disney princesses go to to the park and have a picnic with their pets! Oh no Abu wants to eat all the delicious mini food such as the cream pies, sandwiches, drinks, sweets and treats! Somehow they manage to eat some yummy food despite rapunzel’s hair getting tangled! The princesses help her get ready for her outing and put lovely flowers in her hair! We love mini food and can’t wait for tomorrows best Toy Tastic episodes!

Toy Tastic is the best dolls channel on Youtube we make family friendly child appropriate storytelling videos for your kids to enjoy! We love having fun with our characters and making stories using toys and dolls! Many of our videos feature doll houses, miniature food, amazing play sets, dolls playing moving dancing and having fun with games and challenges, our doll videos for kids are suitable for both girls and boys toddlers kids children and can be enjoyed by children all over the world. We use both Barbie and Disney toys as well as lol dolls and many other of your favourite characters!

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