Hey, #RiddleSolvers, here is a cool set of the best riddles and puzzles to boost your thinking! Brain games, tricky riddles, and trivia questions will stretch your brain and make you think outside the box. Take your time and think as much time as you need to answer correctly! I’m waiting for your comments on these riddles ?

00:14 – A difficult survival riddle to test your intelligence and increase your IQ! Can you solve it before you run out of time?
02:03 – Boost your intuition and logic to the max with this logic riddle! Who is the killer? Which elevator should he not enter?
03:29 – Can you spot the imposters? Test your vision and attentiveness to the details with this visual brain game 🙂
04:34 – Which brand came first? Check out this cool trivia quiz for kids and adults to increase your general knowledge 🙂
06:10 – You will easily crack this visual puzzle if you are an attentive #RiddleSolver 😉 All you need is to look carefully and try to find the secret passage before the time is up!
07:15 – Challenge your mind with this fun but hard riddle on logic. Use these clues to figure out the gangsters’ names and badges on time. Did it get you?
09:26 – A new mind-blowing crime riddle to boost your logical skills! What should Neil say to save his father?
10:52 – Let’s test how attentive you’re in your daily life. Can you spot the correct logo among so many wrong ones? I failed almost all of them except the Apple logo? What’s your result?
13:12 – Which family belongs to the mafia? A tricky brain-boosting puzzle on crime to test your logic!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last puzzle!

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