Best top 5 Educational Toys That Make Learning Fun 2018 or Best Educational Toys or Educational Toys


Best Educational Toys That Make Learning Fun

1. 1. Leap Frog Epic Tablet
What’s better than a virtual world designed for kids to grow intellectually? This tablet will adapt to your kid’s learning level by adjusting the skill level for the different games and activities offered in the form of apps! New challenges will appear as your little brainiac hits mental milestones.

2. The Moodsters Feelings Flashlight

Your child’s emotional intelligence (EQ) is as important as his intellectual intelligence (IQ). Help your little one learn to identify his own emotions — and those of others too — with The Moodsters. The Feelings Flashlight features lights and activities to help kids face their fears, and it comes with a storybook to take the scary out of bedtime.

3. VTech Count and Learn Turtle

Best for Learning Numbers
Turtles like to take it slow, and your little learner can also take her time learning her 123s with this shelled friend by her side. Push the light-up buttons to hear the turtle count and say each number, then use the addition activity to practice early math skills. Ready for more? Switch to Spanish mode to do it all over again in a different language.
4. Technology Will Save Us Mover Kit

Best Toy to Learn Coding
Is your child into coding? This wrist wear reacts to different movements with multicolored lights, and the device can be coded in infinite ways. Kids will love assembling the watch, which simply fits onto a wrist or scooter via a slap band!
5. LEGO Boost
Best for Learning Robotics
This robot can be built-up and animated via coding. Your kid will spend hours playing with it (and learning!) because there are five different versions to be built: Vernie the Robot, Frankie the Cat, Guitar 4000, M.T.R. 4. (a truck), and Autobuilder, an automated production line.

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