The Exceptional Winnie the Pooh Bear Chat Pal from 1999-2000 by Mattel. Mike Mozart’s pick as Best Winnie the Pooh Plush toy EVER! Vintage toy review by Mike Mozart. This Adorable Winnie the Pooh Chat Pal was a popular toy for Christmas 1999, but never really became the “Must Have” Gift toy of the Season. Both Girls and Boys loved this toy, but it was Pricey $49.99 retail at the time. There was a Tigger Available that Interacted with Pooh electronically using Infra Red Sensors in Pooh’s Eyes. This Pooh Bear turned Toward you child upon hearing your child’s voice. Pooh Bear told Jokes, Wanted AND acknowledged hugs, Played interactive games and told Fun Tongue Twisters. Not only was this Plush Toy beautifully made, but the motor noises were very soft compared to most Electronic Robotic animated Plushie Toys.