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*In English: We love watching the Big Hero 6 movie, unboxing new Big Hero 6 toys, singing Big Hero 6 songs such as ‘Top Of The World” and ‘Immortals” as well as opening Kinder Surprise eggs so we thought “Why not make a fantastic HD video for children?” The Big Hero 6 Surprise Egg is filled with toys and chocolates. We hope you like the end result and don’t forget to check out our Giant and Super Giant surprise eggs playlist for more!

Music: The song we used is called ‘Sound Off’ by Jingle Punks from YouTube Editor. There are lots more songs that you can use for free, so check it out.

The Big Hero 6 toys featured in this video are:
-Baymax Mech Rocket
-Armour-Up Deluxe Flying Baymax Mech Action Figure
-Hiro Hamada Action Figure
-GoGo Tomago Figure
-Honey Lemon Action Figure
-Fred Action Figure
-Fred Soft Toy
-Yokai Action Figure With Nanobots,
-Wasabi Action Figure
-Baymax Soft Toy
-Projection Baymax Toy
-Gogo Tomago Doll
-Honey Lemon Doll
-Baymax Action Figure
-Big Hero 6 T-Shirt For Kids
-Baymax Mask


*Toy Tastic:


*Kiddyzuzaa Action:


*PRINCESSES Dolls Playlist:

This playlist includes:
-PRINCESS ELSA and Anna Dollhouse
-PRINCESS ELSA and Anna Ballet/Ballerinas
-PRINCESS ELSA Ice Skating Doll
-PRINCESSES’ Underwater Mermaid Adventure
-PRINCESS ELSA And Anna Go Halloween Trick Or Treating

-Sleeping Beauty’s Slumber Party
-PRINCESSES Fancy Dress Party
-Elsa Birthday Party
-Barbie Dress Up Episode 1
-Barbie Day With Ken Episode 2
-Frozen Anna Dress
-Disney Princess Dolls Cake Competition
-How To Make Elsa’s Ice Castle From The Frozen Movie

*Giant Surprise Eggs Playlist:

This playlist includes:
-Giant PRINCESS ELSA and Anna Fairies Egg Opening
-Giant Minecraft Lego Egg With Enderman Toys – Egg!
-Giant Minecraft Lego Egg With Steve Toys – Good Egg!
-Giant Frozen Ballet Eggs with Elsa and Anna
-Supergiant Barbie Life in The Dreamhouse and Secret Door Dolls Toys Opening
-Supergiant Egg Unboxing
-Supergiant Disney Frozen Surprise Egg Unboxing
-Supergiant Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends Unboxing
-Supergiant Toy Story Surprise Egg Unboxing
-Supergiant Spiderman Surprise Egg Opening
-Lego And Marvel Hulk, Spiderman Egg Inside An Egg Unwrapping
-Supergiant Kinder Surprise Egg With , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT And Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Opening Unboxing!

*In Spanish, En Español: ¡Huevo Sorpesa Super Gigante con Juguetes de la Pelicula Grandes Héroes!

Nos encanta ver la pelicula de Grandes Héroes, abrir nuevos juguetes de Grandes Héroes y abrir huevos kinder sorpresa y por eso pensamos: por que no juntarlo todo y hacer un fantastico video HD para niños? Esperamos que os guste el video y no os olvideis de mirar nuestra playlist de huevos sorpresa gigantes!

Musica: La cancion que hemos utilizado se llama ‘Sound Off’ de Jingle Punks de Youtube Editor. Hay muchas mas canciones que se pueden usar gratis.

*In German, Deutsch: Baymax – Riesiges Robowabohu Überraschungseier, überraschungsei, Spielzeug für Kinder, Kinder Ueberraschung,

*In Portuguese, Em Portugues: Super Gigante Ovo Surpresa com Brinquedos de Os Novos Hérois!

Nós amamos assistir ao filme Os Novos Hérois, unboxing novos brinquedos e bonecas de Os Novos Hérois e desdobrar ovos Kinder Surpresa então pensamos ” Por que não colocar isso junto e fazer um vídeo fantástico HD para as crianças?” Esperamos que vocês gostem do resultado final e não se esqueça de verificar a nossa playlist do Super Gigante Ovos surpresa!

*In French, En Francais: Super Géant Surprise Oeuf à Les Nouveaux Héros jouets et bonbons!

*In Arabic,
باللغة العربية:
بج هيرو 6 مع العاب و حلويات بيضة مفاءجة

المسيقه من يوتيوب

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