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Sports Puzzles is a fun educational and entertaining game for little kids of early preschool age. Playing our puzzle games for kids, children learn to put the puzzle together, get acquainted with sports for kids and build strong vocabulary for toddlers on the sports topic.
Main features of our kids puzzle games for toddlers:
Playing baby puzzle games, kids learn words for toddlers about kids sports games. Gathering sport puzzle, children learn a lot of interesting things about sports games for kids. Puzzle games toddler include the following sport games for kids: football, basketball, baseball, lawn tennis, hockey, cycling, golf, windsurfing, rallies, equestrian sport, mountain skiing, table tennis, formula-1, water skiing, rhythmic gymnastics, athletics, diving, weightlifting, water sports, chess.
Playing toddler puzzle games, kids not only learn sports and words for toddlers learning, but also learn the peculiarities, attributes, participants of each sport. Our puzzles for toddlers free are a kind of vocabulary builder for kids which broadens the horizon of little children.
Learning words for kids is available in Russian, English, French, Spanish, Arabic and other languages. Our puzzle games for kids kindergarten free are voiced by native speakers with perfect pronunciation and clear diction. Such multilingual educational games for kids nursery will make foreign languages study easier in the future (in the kindergarten and at school).
Such brain teaser games for kids as puzzles games free for toddlers train fine motor skills and develop logic and thinking, mindfulness, memory and curiosity.
You can download all our educational games for preschoolers for free, and our kid riddles as well. Kids puzzles free save your family budget and provide games for children of high quality.
Our baby puzzles for two year old are suitable for babies of both sexes. It means that the game can be considered as both toddler puzzles for girls and toddler puzzles for boys. Boys will certainly like sports with cars (rallies, formula-1) while girls will appreciate such sports like rhythmic gymnastics and athletics.
These kids learning games can be recommended as:
baby puzzle games for 2 years;
baby puzzle games for 3 years;
baby puzzle games for 4 years;
baby puzzle games for 5 years.
How to play our puzzle games for kids 4 years old:
First of all you need download our fun educational games for kids for free. Our toddler puzzles free for 3 year olds was developed in the tight cooperation with children’s illustrators, psychologists and educators. That’s why our kids puzzles 5 years old have such a clear and intuitive interface with which even the youngest kids will deal with ease. After you start puzzles for kids under 5 you need choose the desirable language of the game. Then your baby finds himself/herself on the main screen of the kids puzzles 3 and 4 years old. In the right part of the screen the kid can select the kids puzzle games free 4 years old he or she would like to put together. There are different puzzles, so the choice is quite difficult – your toddler should choose from water sports, motor sports, winter sports, team sports and others. Let’s consider the first puzzle to build your lexicon kids – football. In the left part of the screen there is an empty football field which your baby should fill with necessary elements. In the right part of the screen different objects appear – gates, a footballer, fans, a ball, a referee and others. Your child should drag those elements onto the football field in the shadows indicating the right places. The name of each object is pronounced in the chosen language. Moreover, in order your baby remembers the new words better we added merry animations. Once the puzzle is completed, all the added objects become animated. As an appraise there are air balloons crossing the screen when the puzzle is done. Your little winner can burst them, it will add even more fun to the game