Some parents balk at the idea of buying their kid an expensive bike. We get it! Kids grow quickly, they’re rough on their bikes, and you’ve got a budget- so is it REALLY worth it to buy a high-end bike instead of a cheap one?

Well, we’ve got a video demonstration to show you the difference in what you get when you buy a cheap kids bike (a $40 bike from a big-box store) or a high-end kids bike ($190 bike).

We had one kid ride these two bikes with the same tire size and same weight. SPOILER ALERT: The geometry of the high-end bike is superior in every way, keeping the rider’s center of gravity lower. This allows the rider to get started, stay balanced, and ride quickly MUCH more easily than on the budget bike.

Despite having the exact same tire size and same weight, the differences in geometry made for two very different riding experiences. Click through to watch the full video demonstration!

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