Baby assembles toys by Dương Thùy
Kids and toddlers have a mind with strong retaining power and as a parent it is our duty and responsibility to ensure that our child absorbs the right knowledge and information. Building blocks and construction toys provide an all round development – not just physically but emotionally, intellectually, and socially as well. Toys are an indispensable part of every child’s growing up years and kids love educational toys like building blocks as they are able to manipulate them into different forms. Constructive toys help kids to mould, stack, connect, assemble, re-arrange and disassemble. With constructive toys, children start to develop awareness and also learn the importance of mathematical language like on top, below, above, beside, add, etc. When a child regularly indulges in playing with construction toys, the entire process develops divergent thinking and these young minds learn the art of problem solving and also learn to think creatively and logically.