Need some inspiration for Christmas presents? Or a walk down memory lane? Here’s what all the kids were after in 1973.

Christmas comes around again and for young and old alike, there are joys to be discovered in the Toy Department – this year Movietone visits Selfridges.

GV Selfridges. SV interior Selfridges toy department. SV dolls on wall pan to CU 2 dolls. CU teddy bear. CU lamb, CU dolls on show. SV people walking round toy department. CU mass of toys, cars in boxes. CU model racing cars pan another car. CU headlamp of car pan to number on car No 25. CU driver in car. CU driver behind wheel. CU steering front wheel being put into lock. CU steering wheel. FCU driver’s face. TV model racing track cars racing round. CU 2 cars down straight. CU little boy watching. CU cars round track. CU boy playing with model boxing ring with model men battling it out. CU 2 models battling it out. CU boy watching. CU 2 models battling it out. SCU model angled windmill going round. CU little boy playing with magnetic city toy. CU boy’s face. CU magnetic city toy being played with. CU boy playing with remote control box. SV ditto with car. SV ditto with box. SV boy & girl watching the ‘cascade’ toy. SV pan Cascade’s toy in operation. SV ball bearing into top. SCU children watching. CU bearings into end holder. SCU little boy looking over glass partition. CU railway & road set in operation. SCU little boy watching. LSV train past barrier & back again. LSV train past toy boxes. SCU 2 chopper motor cycles on table. CU skeleton on back of motor cycle seat. CU pan motor cycle exhaust pipes to engine. CU model of man on motor cycle. 5 CUs front wheel of motor cycle pan totem pole, a mass of mock battle with cowboys & Indians, CU small boy watching, ditto another boy. SV toy department of Selfridges.

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