Claw Machine Wins At Dave & Buster’s Arcade Gaming Center. 3 of the 4 kids got into the act on this one today. Can you say #WINNING. We walked away with 3 great EXTRA LARGE Plush Toy Wins today and more than likely could have gotten far more. This Big One Claw Machine each day is in competition with the Mario Kart GP DX Arcade Game for most popular games at the Dave & Buster’s Gaming Center. Instead of claw for more toys and let Rocky have a chance at winning a stuffed animal, we thought it best to let other kids and adults give it a go. BUT, not before Doc, E.L. and Piper we able to each fish out a great extra large plush toy for themselves and their great Youtube Subscribers to watch. Doc made a very chancy calculation that paid off in our favorite plush toy the day – an extra large plush cow! Follow along with us as we claw our way around the world.

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The Big One Claw Machine Arcade Game

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Dave & Buster’s Ticket Arcade & Restaurant
“2016 HIGHLY Recommended AWARD By All Of Us”

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