Common sense puzzles, riddles with an answer in Hindi video. Thief puzzle riddles Paheliyan. Tijori puzzles. Common sense question for genius, Hard quiz, How to open Tijori puzzle. This video contains a tricky question and Brainteaser in Hindi for mind exercise. Are you genius, then try your intelligence and solve this challenge and open money locker safe, Vault, Tijori. तिजोरी Thief based puzzle, Mind game, Educational video by G K Agrawal 242.

कैसे हल करें – नीचे दाएं किनारे से शुरू करें | पहले दूसरा अक्षर | फिर चौथा | फिर छटा | एक एक अक्षर छोड़कर आगे बढ़ते जाएं |

Logic Hint – Start from the bottom right corner. 2nd letter is starting, then 4th, then 6th


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