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Who is your best friend? In Cuppatiniville, everybody becomes besties, as the girls know friendship comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes it’s also fluffy! ► Click here to Subscribe for more videos! http://bit.ly/2uzSUu1

Offering a companion is what makes each day even more delightful, just ask Carmela whose little puppy love a game of catch in the park on a warm, sunny day.

And just like the other Cuppatini, Carmela and her puppy love to go for a magical spin in her T-Bird that is. Some furry friends prefer to twirl to a different rhythm, like Moco Lisa’s tropical blue parrot dancing partner. Once Moco taught her how to move to the music, this cuddling foot-tapper got a little carried away! But not to worry, after all that dancing a nice sweet snack is certainly in order. Just like Loco, her rhythm loving friend enjoys summery tropical fruits as much as she does.

These adorable Cuppatinis dolls absolutely love tea parties and they transform from an adorable doll to a delightful teacup, and back again. Meet Jasmint, Carmela la Crème, Cha Cha Chai, Rose Hippensip, Lola Vander, and Mocha Lisa. Join these friends as they bake, dance, plan fashion shows, and much more!