By Jennifer Barron on October 14, 2015

The Ginzick Remote Control interchangeable face and body vehicle is so much fun! My daughters loves this product. This is such a genius and well thought out product for kids. I love that it is basically 3 different vehicles in one. There is unlimited combinations for the faces and the body of this car. The remote has a nice response time to the vehicle. The little faces are so adorable, they have happy fun faces. Each piece is beautifully colored and the tires down to the remote is vibrant. It is not a cheap plastic material, it is made of really nice quality, so it should last for a while. The pieces are extremely easy to change, as seen in my video review I was able to change the pieces with one hand and it was virtually effortless.

It does take batteries that do not come with the product. The remote takes 3 AA batteries and the actual vehicle takes 4 AA batteries. It has a nice speed but nothing too crazy. It is not made to work on carpet, but it does do wonderful on flat smooth surfaces. There is a switch on the bottom that allows it to either play sirens, which is a continuous siren sounds or you can turn it off and it can be functioned with no sounds. Great product, my daughters loves it and plays with it daily. I highly recommend this adorable little remote control vehicle.

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