We’re checking out Disney Descendants 3 dolls and toys that are hitting store shelves on our toy hunt. The highly-anticipated Disney Descendants 3 movie premieres on the Disney Channel on August 2nd. Fans of the show will love the new doll line from Hasbro that is hitting store shelves.

Sadly, this will be Cameron Boyce’s last film, as he tragically passed away. Hopefully, Hasbro makes a doll in memory of him. Come along.

Dragon Queen Mal is the largest doll in the line. Remember, we learned in the last movie that Mal can magically transform into a dragon just like her mother.

With Dragon Queen Mal, it looks like you can press the heart-shaped button on her back to expand her wings and transform her into a dragon.

Check out her gorgeous purple hair and horns. We love all the detail but her face doesn’t look exactly like Mal in the movie. Her top is made out of plastic. The little dragon details are a nice touch.

Next, we have the Signature dolls. With a decent amount of articulation, the dolls are nicely detailed but there are a lot of printed details.

Here’s the regular Mal doll, which gives us a chance to check out Mal’s new look. The first thing that is apparent is that she’s got blue hair with purple highlights. It will be interesting to see if this is explained in the movie.

Our favorite part has to be her metallic boots. On the back, Dove Cameron is wearing the same outfit as the doll. Lovin’ her new look. It says: Mal will do what she has to in order to protect her friends and Auradon!

Evie’s also got a new look. We wonder what plot point in the movie brought on this new look. Rockin’ a stylish top and leggings with matching boots, Evie’s determined to give everybody a chance for happiness. Look at her gorgeous blue hair. Isn’t she so pretty?! Here’s her outfit on the back of the box. She actually looks closer to Sofia Carson than ever before.

Dressed in her signature outfit inspired by Disney Descendants 3, Audrey comes with an outfit, tiara, necklace, and matching shoes. In addition to her outfit, she comes with gloves and shoes.

It’s a job for pirates! In Disney Descendants 3, with her pirate gang and magical shell necklace, Uma shows she’s still fierce as ever! Look at Uma’s hip fashion and her braided black and blue hair. While it’s printed, her outfit is beautiful and looks just like in the movie.
Next we have the budget dolls, which have limited articulation.
With a stylish updo, Dizzy shows off her artistic flair with a colorful outfit, classy shoes, eye glasses, and a necklace accessory.

Celia is a brand new character in Disney Descendants 3. She is the daughter of Dr. Facilier, who appeared in Princess and the Frog. What do you think of her? Her skull-emblazoned hat and outfit remind us of her father. With an eye-catching colorful outfit and cool shoes, Celia knows the cards are always right … “it’s good to be bad”!
Now let’s check out the 2-Packs.
In a world of good comes evil.

Outfitted in styles inspired by Disney Descendants 3, this Good and Evil Set includes Audrey and Mal fashion dolls. Aren’t they so pretty?! They come complete with fashion accessories. With shoulder-length purple hair, Mal wears a pair of purple gauntlets, purple shirt, leggings and boots, while Audrey, with long pink hair, wears a gorgeous dress, necklace, and shoes. Both dolls have removable outfits and shoes.

Mal will do what she has to in order to protect her friends and Auradon!

Audrey is tired of pretending and waiting for her happy ending, so she takes mor Mal? atters into her own hands!
Will good or evil prevail?

When Ben proposed to Mal in the Disney Descendants 3 Official Trailer, the Internet broke, according to Disney! Celebrate Ben and Mal’s engagement in royal style with the Disney Descendants 3 Royal Couple Engagement 2-Pack doll set.
Aww … don’t they make such a cute couple?!!

Ben looks handsome in his movie-inspired party outfit. How beautiful is Mal in her royal style complete with tiara and glam shoes? She really looks like a royal queen. Kids will love recreating their favorite romantic scenes from the movie.

The best part about the Disney Descendents are the musical numbers. Love singing fashion dolls? Then you’ll want to check out Singing Audrey. Lift her arm and she sings her signature song from Descendants 3 — ‘Queen of Me’. She loves singing about her newfound badness. Her outfit, tiara, and shoes are removable. Batteries are included.
Lastly, Hasbro has an assortment of cool Fashion Packs for even more fashion doll fun.
Mal’s Fashion Pack features a top and skirt along with a purse.
Evie’s Fashion Pack includes a stylish dress with matching shoes.
Here’s Uma’s Fashion Pack with a pretty dress and glam shoes.
Lastly, Celia’s Fashion Pack includes a top, skirt and 2 bracelets.
Which Descendants 3 doll is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!