Enter the world of Enchantimals, where Caring Is Our Everything in our BRAND NEW stop motion series!

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These adorable characters are always paired with their animal besties. The pairs share matching traits and special friendship rituals that are oh-so-fun! Check them out in this stop-motion video that shares the secret handshakes of favorite characters — Bree Bunny doll and Twist bunny thump out a catchy beat that will have you tapping your own feet; Felicity Fox doll and Flick fox wiggle their ears and their way into your heart; Patter Peacock doll and Flap peacock stay in tune when they whistle together; Sage Skunk doll and Caper skunk do a tail high-five; and Danessa Deer doll and Sprint deer tap their antlers in an a-doe-able pattern! Meet these sweet Enchantimals characters and check out their special moves in this stop-motion video. You’ll be enchanted by the world of Enchantimals!

Welcome to the home of Enchantimals on YouTube! The Enchantimals dolls are lovable characters who share a special bond with their animal friends — they’re always together, and they look alike, too! Each doll shares a ritual with her animal friends that celebrates their unique traits and personalities. Together, they work to create balance, peace and harmony among all living things. Let these whimsical characters and their nature adventures enchant you!