Few things… normally I would NEVER upload so many parts but I found SO MANY TREASURES that it’s kind of a must… that way you can just watch toys or half price day or mommy finds, etc. (see below for all of the parts)
ALSO, I wouldn’t share if I didn’t LOVE these videos so much. On that note, if you posted a consignment sale haul PLEASE video response it so I can watch it (and so that others can too!) –these may seriously be my most favorite videos to watch… idk why lol

Finally you may think OMG she spent a net ton!! And while I did spend a lot I made back every cent I spent PLUS a few hundred! (= win-win-win!! hehe [this is how I save $$$ on the kids’ clothes!]


1. What is a Consignment Sale?
2. How to Prepare for a Consignment Sale
3. Top 3 Must Have Consignment Sale Shopping Tools
Anything else you would like for me to cover?

The other 5 parts to this 6-part Haul series are:

1: Winter Gear
2: Clothes! (the completion of their fall/winter wardrobes)
3: Toys (Christmas toys & now)
4: Mommy finds! (Bag, Stroller & Fun Dishes)
5: Half Price Haul #1 (also a jump start on spring/summer 2013)
6: Half Price Haul #2 (also a jump start on spring/summer 2013)