I have a bunch of toys to fix. First is a wooden crane. One of the wheels had broken off and I made a new pin to hold it in place.
Fagus crane: http://thewoodenwagon.com/woodentoy/VFA1040.html
Next, I fixed 2 of the legs on a doll bed that was my mother-in- law’s when she was a child. I drilled two holes into the frame of the bed and one in each the leg and re-attached the each leg with a 2 ended screw.
With a second, smaller doll bed, I just had to re-attach the head board which had broken off. This was also from my mother-in- law from the 1940s. This bed appears to be made from a cigar box with clothespin legs
I fixed a hook that works with our French cleat system in our broom closet. https://youtu.be/QYbexqIH4IY
I fixed the back of an old child sized chair.

what store is that? http://www.woodcrafters.us/

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