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Funko Pops @ 2017 New York Comic Con Toys R Us Booth Tour NYCC Madame Alexander Dolls Video

We visited the Toys R Us booth while attending the 2017 New York Comic Con. I thought the Toys R Us booth was one of the best retail boots set up during the 2017 NYCC. There was plenty of space so you could navigate around, the toys on sale had a display high up above the checkout counters so you could see everything available at the con. They also had everything set up in display cases through out the booth floor so you could get a closer look at everything. The best part of the booth was a mini museum that showcased a bunch of Funko Pops with their prototypes so new beautiful Madame Alexander dolls and some wrestling memorabilia.

I thought they had some awesome Funko Pops on display that I plan on buying from their website soon (I wanted to buy Trigon at the con but forgot) and I also really liked the Fangirl Madame Alexander dolls, I thought they were beautiful. They were above my budget for the con at $50 each but I definitely want to try to pick up one or two down the road.