Today TTPM is reviewing Gallop and Rock Learning Pony from VTech. Rock and roll with the Gallop & Rock Learning Pony, which goes from rocking horse to ride-on! It plays more than 50 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases that all introduce kids to numbers, colors, and animals! This video shows you how to press the light-up buttons, spin the disc, or rock the horse to activate all the sounds and phrases! Keep watching these review videos of kids toys.

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Product Info:
Kids can rock and roll with the Gallop & Rock Learning Pony. This two-in-one pony starts out as a rocker for babies but can be converted into a ride-on for toddlers and preschoolers. As kids are rocking or riding, they can hold onto the two chunky handles and press one of the three light-up buttons to hear songs and phrases about colors and animals. There are more than 50 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases on the Gallop & Rock Learning Pony.

There are two modes of play. Pressing the buttons in Learning & Music mode will activate songs and music, and kids will also hear phrases about colors, numbers, and animals, including “Eagle likes the beach” and “Owl flies through the forest”. In Adventure mode, the horse will ask kids “Where do you want to go?” Kids can press the buttons to explore the farm, the beach, and the forest.

In either mode, kids can spin the turning disc for more sounds, tunes, phrases, and horse sounds.

Rocking or riding on the pony triggers a motion sensor so that kids hear even more melodies and sounds. The lights will flash with the sounds, and the faster kids ride, the faster the lights will flash.

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