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Quercetti Daisy Maxi Stacking Peg Set
Helps to develop skills: Shapes and Colors, Building and Manipulative Skills
This Quercetti Daisy first building set features 20 chunky pegs for easy stacking with the little hands.

Toddler Twist & Turn Activity House Play Set
Helps to develop skills: Manipulative Skills, Problem Solving, Hand-Eye Coordination, Cause & Effect, Shapes
Twist, turn, unlock, sort and more with this multiple manipulative activity playhouse for tots.

Smartmax Mega Ball Run Magnetic Building Set
Helps to develop skills: Manipulative Skills, Thinking Skills, Creativity, Imagination, Hand-Eye Coordination, Building Skills
This deluxe SmartMax Mega Ball Run for toddlers allows to make various combinations of magnetic rollercoaster that is fun to play with.

Count & Learn Cookie Jar Numbers Learning Toy
Helps to develop skills: Counting, Numbers, Manipulative Skills, Thinking Skills
Imagine, that whenever your kids get cookies from the cookie jar, they actually learn counting and numbers!

Animal Safari Truck Shape Sorting Wooden Toy
Helps to develop skills: Animals, Sorting Skills, Spatial Reasoning, Manipulative Skills, Pretend Play, Imagination
Melissa & Doug’s animal rescue wooden truck play set features 7 safari animals figures need help of the rescue rangers and your child – to sort the wooden shapes through the right die-cut slots.

Tick Tock Clock 12 ft Play Parachute
Helps to develop skills: large motor skills, cooperative play, imagination
With lots of colors, bright shapes, 1-12 numbers shown as a clock face, 12 easy-to-grasp handles, and 12 feet of fun, your child will be learning before you know it!

Create & Play Pattern Building Blocks 32 pc Set
Helps to develop skills: Manipulative Skills, Building Skills, Colors, Patterns, Hand-Eye Coordination
This Create & Play 32 building blocks set is sure to catch your toddler’s eyes and imagination!

Pyramid of Play Shape Sorting Wooden Blocks Set
Helps to develop skills: Shapes, Colors, Letters, Shapes, Sizes, Numbers, Counting, Matching Skills, Manipulative Skills, Sorting Skills, Critical Reasoning, Problem Solving, Building Skills
Nesting & stacking blocks, first shape sorter, early math learning set, and building blocks – all in one Pyramid of Play toy for tots.

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