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Let’s teach Gujarati to our kids with most joy full way.

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App help your to Learn Gujarati Alphabet also teach you how to speak them and much more.

Feed up of finding the best source for learning and finding new Gujarati Characters? Then this app is developed for you with the best solution for enhancing the Gujarati word vocabulary.

Gujarati Mulakshar is a wonderful word app developed by ArkayApps to learn and improve their Gujarati accent. Kids can quickly learn Gujarati Character through this application. This application consists of the numerous Gujarati Alphabet, Gujarati numbers, Gujarati vowels, Gujarati swar,Gujarati mulakshar, Gujarati ank, Gujarati rang, Gujarati vyanjan, Gujarati Lessons, Gujarati Mulakhshar, Gujarati letter etc.

This is considered as best app in several categories like to teach Gujarati, Gujarati barakhadi, Gujarati kids, Preschool-aged , game, learning , teaching apps for kids, learning app, start up Gujarati, Gujarati vocabulary. This app comes with several following features -:

1) Attractive graphic interface which attract kid’s to use this application.
2) Very easy navigation used to navigate the entries app.
3) Iterative picture of words.
4) Add sound of each picture.
5) App will teach pronunciation, phonics words and spelling on Gujarati language

Arkayapp are trying to develop the best free android app for their customers so please download this app and let us know your review so that we may provide you the best service always.
Kids Toy’s