Spooky and funny DIY game to craft and play together with kids this Halloween. Fun activity to involve children and adults at a Halloween party✅Play Jigsaw Puzzle by Jolly Battle for free on App Store or Google Play:

Let’s draw a picture and see the Halloween magic works! Turn the paper flashlight is on. Amaze your kids with an engaging activity where a paper flashlight reveals the spooky scene. Don’t sit idle, get creative, involve your little ones into an interesting activity that includes crafting and playing! You can make this magic picture at home. The magical picture toy will be a perfect gift as well. Watch the tutorial and create your own working board for fun activity. It’s a crafty thingie, easy to make and fun to play with! It will become your kiddo’s hit.

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🎃 Pumpkin garland

🦇 Spooky lollipops

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