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Chaos Tower Description From Retailer:
Now you can bring the best part of the museum home to you with the Chaos World of Motion chaos tower. This incredible construction kit lets you build virtually any structure your can think of, and then watch as the laws of motion are demonstrated when you launch the balls into your cleverly constructed mad maze. Adults as well as children will find this set both fascinating and fun. The pieces lock together so easily.

Rube Goldberg Kit It’s called chaos, but kids don’t need a kit to create that, do they? And it actually is used to create really fun controlled “perpetual motion” Rube Goldberg-type devices.
You (your kids will never displace you once they see this kit) assemble a frame of your choice and adorn it with sets of chutes, slides, funnels, catch baskets, trampolines… You name it.
The new Chaos motor driven chain lifts a ball to the top of your construction and off it goes through whatever course(s) you have set up. It is really educational physics, and we guarantee hours of creative fun with this top quality, attractively packaged kit.
The tower has a max height of 78″ and a whopping 602 pieces! It also includes an educational CD ROM. Everything you need (except batteries) is included. Ages 7 & up.

Smart Car Robotics Description:

Product Description
Budding engineers and adventurers will love this 219-pc. Smart Car Robotics Kit. It includes all the pieces and full-color instructions you need to build 8 high-tech futuristic vehicles: the awesome smart car, another road car, a flying car, a motorcycle, a forklift truck, an airboat, a helicopter, and an airplane. Each vehicle uses up to 4 included electric motors that can be controlled independently with a free app that allows you to script a simple program to instruct your car via tablet or smartphone to follow a predetermined course. You’ll be controlling your vehicle’s motorized wheels and steering it in any direction you want, and you’ll be watching your vehicle on-screen as it drives through a virtual, augmented reality cityscape. The special Bluetooth Low Energy interface means your model’s batteries will last a long time. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). For ages 10+. Pieces (qty.): 219, Product Style: Vehicle kit, Solar Power Compatible: No, Batteries Required: Yes, Battery Type: AA
From the Manufacturer
“The Self-Driving Car of the Future” – Explore the cutting edge of automotive technology with this futuristic car. Construct the sleek, high-tech car and then use your tablet or smartphone to control the car’s motorized wheels and steer it in any direction. On your device’s screen, watch the car as it drives through a virtual, augmented reality cityscape. Use the free downloadable app to script a simple program that instructs your car to automatically follow a predetermined course through your city. With the construction system in this kit, you can also build seven cool-looking models in addition to the smart car. Each of the models uses up to four electric motors and each motor can be controlled independently with the app. The app’s programming mode allows you to switch each of your car’s four motors forward, backward, or off, second by second, for up to three minutes. Illustrated step-by-step instructions allow you to build, remotely control and program models of a motorcycle, forklift truck, futuristic car, airboat, helicopter, airplane and flying car. A full-color, 64-page experiment manual provides assembly and usage instructions, as well as lots of information about these fascinating technologies. The special Bluetooth Low Energy interface means your model’s batteries will last much longer. Free downloadable app. Ages 10 and up. 219 pieces.