If you look up the word “frustration” in the dictionary, you’ll probably see a picture of a Rubik’s Cube. It takes some bright minds only 5 seconds to solve, yet others spend years trying to put it together, eventually giving up. But the truth is that anyone can solve the Rubik’s Cube with one single algorithm! And it’s really simple!

So, today’s algorithm includes 7 stages. You can pause the video and practice until you can do all these moves pretty much automatically. It’ll help you later on!

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#1. Solve the white cross on the bottom 2:54
#2. Solve the four corner pieces on the bottom 4:23
#3. Solve the four edge pieces in the middle layer 5:43
#4. Solve the yellow edges on the top layer 7:10
#5. Solve the four edge pieces on the top layer 7:55
#6. Orient the yellow corners on the top layer 9:15
#7. Solve the yellow corners on the top layer 9:54

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Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/

– #1. The task here is to put together a white cross, and align its edges with the right colored center on each side.
– #2. At this stage, you’ll have to put the lower corners of the cube in the right places, and the white side of the cube will be solved. Here’s where you’ll use that R U R’ U’ algorithm for your right hand.
– #3. At this stage, you’ll need to solve the rest of the middle layer so that the outer blocks are the same color as the center. In the first case, the layer you’ll be working with is to the LEFT on the top of the target position. You must match it with the right color.
– #4. First, you put together a yellow cross on the yellow side of the cube. If you don’t see the yellow line but only a random set of yellow edges, start doing the algorithm. As soon as you see the yellow line, start doing the same algorithm!
– #5. Now we need to arrange the edges of the yellow cross so that the second color coincides with the color of that side.
– #6. At this stage, the task is to put the corners in place with the appropriate colors of neighboring centers. You only need to move them into place – you’re not solving them just yet.
– #7. You’re almost done! All you have to do is solve the corners! Use the algorithm you already know in a slightly modified order until the corner is solved.

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