Fidget spinners are a HUGE trend right now, and my little brother Daxton loves them! So we ordered over 20 different types of fidget spinner from online, and are unboxing them here today! Consider this as the ultimate fidget spinner haul and unboxing video!

Some of these fun fidget toys come is crazy shapes and sizes, some are super heavy and others are somewhat light. Some of them are super rare, and others are common. Right now I am trying to learn as many fidget spinner tricks as I can. Did you know that some of these can spin up to 1000 mph? That’s super fast!

Some of our good friends have also uploaded some great fidget spinner videos, like CollinsKey, EvanTubeHD, WhatsInside, and EhBeeFamily.

Below you can find the direct links to most fidget spinners that I bought:

Spinner #1: Aluminum Ball Bearing:
Spinner #2: Pink Batgirl Spinner:
Spinner #3: Triple Penny Spinner:
Spinner #4: Wood Spinner:
Spinner #5: Hexagon Multicolor Spinner:
Spinner #6: Triple Gears Spinner:
Spinner #7: Iridescent Circle:
Spinner #8: LED Spinner:
Spinner #9: Iridescent Heart:
Spinner #10: Blue Binky Spinner:
Spinner #11: Glow in Dark Spinner:
Spinner #12: Iridescent Star Spinner:
Spinner #13: Brass Wheel Spinner:
Spinner #14: A 9-Bearing Spinner:
Spinner #15: Orange Plastic Spinner:
Spinner #16: Iron Man Spinner:
Spinner #17: Dollar Sign Spinner:
Spinner #18: Green Star Spinner:
Spinner #19: Brass Knob Spinner:
Spinner #20: Sprinkles Spinner:
Fidget Spinner Tricks Book:

Some of the tricks you can do with hand spinners are very entertaining for boys, for girls, and for all kids.

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